Environmental Technologies

With over 40 years experience, coupled with up to the minute technologies. 

Whether large or small in a variety of materials from low cost polypropylene to sophisticated flurocarbons Forbes can offer the most cost effective solutions to your environmental problems. For example – vent gas scrubbers at £950 or a complete turnkey project at over £1 million. If you are environmental engineering contractors or an end user, Forbes will join with you as a supportive contractor helping you to maximise your profit.

Scrubbing in the Gas PhaseChemical FumesOdour ControlVOC RemovalDust ControlFine ParticulatesMists / Aerosols
Packed Tower ScrubberYESYES
Fluidised Bed ScrubberYESYES
Venturi ScrubberYESYESYES
Carbon AdsorptionYESYES
Stripping in the Liquid PhaseCO2 Removal
from Water
VOC Removal
from Water
Removal of
Dissolved Gas
from Water
Stripping TowersYESYESYES
Carbon AdsorptionYES
This table is intented as a guide to common applications for the techniques listed. Variations may be applied in particular circumstances

Wet Scrubbers

Wet scrubbers remove contaminants from a gas stream by passing the stream through a packed structure which provides a large wetted surface area to induce intimate contact between the gas and the scrubbing liquor.
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Fluidised Bed Scrubber

Compact gas scrubbing system

Packed Tower Scrubber

Simple gas scrubbing system

Venturi Scrubber

Efficient gas scrubbing system

Venturi Scrubber Diagram

Bulk Tank Vent Scrubbers

An economical range of standard bulk tank vent scrubbing systems designed to minimise environmental nuisance from the static storage and handling of fuming chemicals.
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SB2 & SB2R

Static storage solution

SB30 & SB30R

Suited for pressurised tanker deliveries

SB4 & SB4R

Suited to ammonia applications

Degassing Towers

Forbes Degasser Towers operate on the principal of passing the water to be treated over a large surface area whilst blowing air against the flow. The resultant mass transfer of gas at the interface of the water and air removes the acid forming carbon dioxide.
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Degassing Towers – FD

Low cost carbon dioxide degassers

Degassing Towers – Non Standard

Ideal for heavy Carbon Dioxide loads

Stripping Towers

Stripping by packed tower aeration offers an effective and economical approach to many VOC contamination scenarios. Relatively high levels of many organic contaminants can be reduced to well below WHO target levels by the stripping process.
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Air Stripping Tower

Air stripping VOCs from groundwater

Carbon Adsorption

Solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants in the liquids or gas phase can be adsorbed onto activated carbon. The principle of adsorption is based on the highly porous structure of the granular carbon.
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Carbon Adsorption

Highly efficient VOC & odour removal

Forbes Wave