Large Polypropylene GRP Chemical Storage Tanks for Caustic Soda Being Installed On Site EnglandGRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics) storage tanks are generally accepted as best practice for installation throughout most industries.

From Water to Chemicals, from Food to Effluent – most liquids can be safely and economically stored in GRP tanks. The extensive range of Forbes GRP tanks offer the following benefits: 

  • Designed & manufactured to comply with BS4994:1987
  • Economical methods of construction
  • Wide choice of resin systems, from Polyesters, Isophthalics through to vinyl ester resins, permits specification of the laminate to suit the required duty
  • Typical applications include water and corrosive liquids such as sewage sludge, general effluent, liquid fertiliser, brine and aggressive chemical storage
  • Also most efficient for silo production for storage of granular materials such as PDV salt, plastics granules and animal feeds
  • Design life expectancy can be in excess of 40 years

Further to our standard range of sizes, these can be custom designed in a variety of resin/glass fibre laminates, including Isophthalic, NPG Isophthalic & various Vinyl Esters.


Automatic fire protection sprinkler, mist and wet risers save lives & property from fire.

Most systems require one or more bulk water storage tank for the pumps to call upon to deliver the water for immediate supply to the fire pumps.

  • Capacities from 50m³ to 200m³
  • Tanks are built to Category 1 to BS 4994 & can be certified by a third party insurance inspection if required.

  • Only requires drain down inspection every 10 years

  • Designed & built to the requirements of the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1276. NOTE – these tanks are not certified through the Building Research Establishment due to high costs of this approval


A superb standard range of high performance silos made from glass reinforced plastics (GRP).

One piece body with a smooth interior assures complete emptying. A smooth knuckle with no internal crevices.

  • Strong and light in weight
  • Completely corrosion free

  • Typical applications include: sugar, PVD salt, animal feeds, granular fertilisers, soap nodules

Forbes GRP Silo with Conical Coned Base for Complete Drainge with Valves


Offering a wide selection of standard sized GRP composite (Glass Reinforced Plastic) flat based tanks

They have been specifically designed for the most economical use of materials via semi automated manufacturing techniques to ensure low cost, competitive products.

  • Available from 5,000 – 160,000 litres capacity
  • Available diameters: 2000mm, 2400mm, 3050mm, 3500mm & 4111mm internal

  • GRP Construction - Very strong yet light in weight

  • Available with sloping base

Forbes Wave