All MINIBULK® Systems are supplied complete with safety bund and associated pipework providing safer chemical storage.

Minibulk Systems, Bunded Storage Tanks providing Safe Chemical Storage for Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks from The Forbes Group.

Every MINIBULK system is designed for its specified application. Bunded tanks of thermoplastic construction will usually be black to protect the contents from the effects of UV light.

MINIBULK PLUS bunded storage tanks are invariably designed to BS4994:1987 using a thermoplastic/GRP dual laminate with a polypropylene or UPVC inner shell as appropriate to the specified duty.

The tanks are externally pigmented to customer specification from the BS4800 range.

Major chemical suppliers offer guidelines regarding the safe storage and handling of their products.

Forbes works closely with these companies to ensure that MINIBULK systems satisfy their recommendations. Many of the dangers associated with manual lifting and opportunities for exposure to chemicals are reduced and the system provides the assurance of bunded storage tanks and safe chemical storage.


Allow users to take delivery by low pressure discharge (from tankers or lorry-mounted IBCs) with the minimum of danger and with no rental or cleaning charges.

Standard sizes make best use of materials to minimise wastage and therefore cost

  • MINIBULK® is available in 8 standard sizes
  • Capacities from 1,500 – 8,000 litres

  • 110% Capacity bund


Suitable for high pressure deliveries and are available with the full range of MINIBULK optional equipment.

Standard sizes make best use of materials to minimise wastage and therefore cost.

  • MINIBULK® PLUS is available in 6 standard sizes
  • Capacities from 10,000 – 30,000 litres

  • Suitable for high pressure discharge up to 30psi

  • 110% Capacity bund

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