Minibulk Product Brochure

All MINIBULK® Systems are supplied complete with safety bund and associated pipework providing safer chemical storage.

Forbes Innatank® Brochure

Innatank® is the ground-breaking integrally bunded storage tank from Forbes. Providing safe storage of hazardous liquids to the very highest levels of environmental protection.

GRP Storage Tanks Brochure

GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics) storage tanks are generally accepted as best practice for installation throughout most industries.

VT Thermoplastic Tank Brochure

Forbes VT range of thermoplastic storage tank are available with flat bottom, sloping base or conical base options.

HVT Brochure

Extra large, helix spirally wound thermoplastic tanks.

Dual Laminate Tanks Brochure

Dual laminate GRP storage tanks combine the outstanding strength of GRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic) with the high chemical resistance of a thermoplastic inner shell

Environmental Technologies Brochure

From low cost polypropylene to sophisticated flurocarbons Forbes can offer the most cost effective solutions to your environmental problems.

Salt Saturator Brochure

Forbes Salt Saturators provide a continuous controllable supply of saturated brine solution.


Scrubber Brochure

All Forbes fume scrubbers are light and easy to install. Construction is almost entirely from polypropylene (PP) which is corrosion-free and require virtually no maintenance.

Stripping Towers Brochure

Forbes Stripping Towers are designed for the efficient removal of Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs) from groundwater.

Forbes Wave