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In 2014 a large 205kW solar installation was completed at our Crimplesham site.

The installation consists of 820 ground mounted solar panels generating energy used by Forbes and any over-production being fed back into the national grid.

Our goal was to supply up to 100% of the total on-site energy requirements, including seven injection moulding machines and air conditioning, and to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

This target was exceeded in 2015 and despite the greyish skies of this year’s East Anglian summer, the yields for 2016 have averaged out to still be on target.

Lessening our environmental impact

The energy produced by our solar panels means a reduction in the requirement for non-renewables, equivalent to:

  • Nuclear waste – 1.18g
  • Oil – over 222 barrels
  • Electric e-car trips – nearly 3-million kms

Solar panels - Live feed in data

Powering a small village

In fact, the power generated is enough to meet the average energy requirements of 41 four-person households.

That’s enough energy for half of Crimplesham, the village that neighbours our Sales and Design Office!

Smaller carbon footprint

Thanks to the installation the Forbes Group has been able to reduce its CO² emissions by over 258 tonnes a year – something that we’re all very proud of.

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