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Case Study – Forbes in China

Forbes Technologies Ltd, UK’s largest manufacturer of custom built tank and scrubbers in dual laminate composites and thermoplastics, manufactured and assisted with the installation of a large scrubber manufactured in vinylester glass fibre composite.

The unit which is 4 metres diameter x 12 metres high, is designed to withstand 15,000 pascals negative pressure, resulting in a very thick shell with external stiffening ribs. With the internals the whole structure weighed 11.5 tonnes. The scrubber incorporated a self draining, dished base with an integral ‘skirt’ to allow mounting on a flat support structure.

Tower internals were designed & installed by Forbes, which included the random packing support beams, liquid distributor, pack ring packing media, bed limiter and demister in Halar ECTFE & PVDF.

The extremely arduous duty which removes a large variety of aggressive gases required the entire structure to be post cured in Forbes’ large post curing oven for 12 hours at 96 degrees C.

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