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Degassing Tower - FD

Degasser Towers operate on the principal of passing the water to be treated over a large surface area whilst blowing air against the flow.

The resultant mass transfer of gas at the interface of the water and air removes the acid forming carbon dioxide.

Key Information

Technical Specifications

Forbes standard FD range covers flow rates from 4 m³/hour to 200 m³/hour.

The units are designed to reduce the carbon dioxide content from 200ppm to 5ppm at 20 deg C. Minimum water pressure at the inlet flange is 0.5 bars g.

The units comprise a packed tower and integral sump with fan mounted. The sump is sized to give approximately 2 minutes retention time at the maximum flow.

The relatively light weight of plastic materials minimises transport costs and the standard FD model is available export packed. Its modular construction also facilitates handling and installation and no special equipment is needed to assemble the components.

Bespoke systems are also available. To enable us to evaluate non-standard requirements and prepare a quotation, we will need the following information:

  • Maximum & minimum water flow rate in m³/hour
  • Maximum expected CO2 content (if more than 200 ppm)
  • Anticipated water supply temperature
ModelFlow Capacity (M3/hour)Fan Rating (kW)Dry Weight (kg)Maximum Operating Weight (kg)
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