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Forbes Commission Expansion of Automated Thermoplastic Tank Production Facility

Four years ago Forbes Technologies Ltd invested £1.5 million in a brand new facility for the manufacture of large helically wound thermoplastic tanks with capacities in excess of 100 cubic metres. With demand increasing for tanks in High Density Polyethylene PE 100, Forbes have commissioned a major expansion of their production facilities at their Kelso factory, located in the Scottish Borders.

The expansion represents 40% increase in production capacity, which Forbes has work in hand for the export markets which have been helped by the devaluation of the UK Pound against the US Dollar & Euro.

The automated extruding / winding process of thermoplastic material on to large mandrels ranging from 750mm diameter to 4000mm diameter produces a homogenous solid wall with thicknesses from a few millimetres to in excess of 120mm thickness in polyethylene or polypropylene. The bases & tops of the tanks are automatically welded to the cylinder giving exceptional weld strengths. The thermoplastic tanks are designed, built, tested & inspected to BS EN 12573.

Demand for the Forbes unique “Innatank” is increasing also. Innatanks consist of helically wound tank with a separate close fitting bund which is assembled with the tank as one piece at the manufacturer’s site to enable ease of installation. This configuration reduces the overall foot print. Fitted with automated bund alarm & “over the top” discharge system, the Innatank is one of the safest storage solutions for hazardous chemicals.

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