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Forbes increase their ‘green’ credentials

Forbes have commissioned Active Renewables of Evesham, Worcestershire to install 205kW output PV panels at their Crimplesham site.

The new installation will involve a total of 820 ground mounted solar panels. Forbes Group has a large energy demand from their injection moulding plant which runs 24/7, 365 days per year, manufacturing pall rings and packing media, and therefore the efficiency of solar energy production is a logical step forward.

Lee Forbes, Company Chairman, explains;

“This investment will not only significantly reduce our carbon footprint, with the rise in electricity costs and our high constant use of electricity, the payback time will be relatively short. The company is continually looking for ways in saving energy. An example of this approach is in the injection moulding shop, which has a clever automated control system to maintain the shop floor at a minimum of 20°C using the waste heat generated by the moulding process. Since the development of the injection moulding facility in 2006 we have not required any external hearing source such as gas, oil or electricity.”

Forbes Kelso manufacturing site in Scotland are also currently installing rainwater harvesting storage tanks to reduce their water consumption with ‘grey’ water being used for a variety of applications within the site. This is in addition to the company’s recycling policy, with all plastic waste and packing materials being separated and sent for recycling. Even broken pallets and scrap wood are given to local people for use in wood burners.

Read more about our processes here.

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