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Bulk water storage tanks for fire protection systems

  • Capacities from 50m³ to 200m³
  • Tanks are built to Category 1 to BS 4994 & can be certified by a third party insurance inspection if required.
  • Only requires drain down inspection every 10 years.
  • Designed & built to the requirements of the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1276.


  • Automatic ball float valve to maintain water level mounted in an insulated housing with easy access
  • Automatic frost protection incorporating two separate heating circuits & thermostats with withdrawable element cores.
  • Permanently attached access ladder in galvanised steel to British Standard
  • 4221 complete with rest / working platforms (where required). To give immediate access to the ball float valve, immersion heater.
  • Content gauge at ground level giving a continual read out of water level.
  • Incorporates connections for output to remote read out or alarm. All IP67 Low level access manway to allow easy access for 10 year drain down & inspection
  • Internal vortex breaker in pump supply outlet
  • Easy viewing from top hinged cover on ball float valve housing.
  • Complies to WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme)

Manufactured in isophthalic resin glassfibre laminate (GRP) in one piece to British Standard 4994 – 1987 offers a totally corrosion free product.

Tanks are manufactured in line with the Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1276.

NOTE – these tanks are not certified through the Building Research Establishment due to high costs of this approval.

FW (3)

The sizes given are our most economical suggested dimensions for a given volume.

All of our tanks are built to order, and any of these dimensions can be modified to suit specific restrictions and requirements.

Capacity with
150mm ullage
Water LevelShell Height2nd Ladder Length3rd Ladder LengthFoundation Loadings kN/m2
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