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New Production Facility For Sodium Hypochlorite

Industrial Chemical Limited has recently commissioned a new facility for the production of Electro Generated Sodium Hypochlorite at their site in Thurrock.

Industrial Chemicals chose Forbes for the supply of a number of process and storage vessels, also for an emergency scrubbing plant, with the total order value exceeding £ 1.5 m.

As part of Forbes supply were 20 off 150 m³ capacity product storage tanks measuring 4.1m diameter and 11.5m shell height – these tanks were produced in high specification vinylester resin glassfibre laminate which were fully ‘post cured’ to 90C in Forbes purpose built curing oven. This post cure is required to guarantee the tanks for their arduous duty and is a requirement of the resin suppliers to achieve the full design and chemical resistance capabilities of their resins.

In addition to the above were a further 30 off tanks ranging in capacity from  1 m³ to 129m³, fabricated in Thermoplastics, GRP & Dual Laminate construction (GRP tanks with a thermoplastic inner shell)

Forbes was also chosen to design and build the 3 stage emergency scrubbing plant required as part of the Environmental permission for the plant. Trial runs of the scrubbing system proved the process design by easily achieving their design conditions.

Forbes is the largest UK manufacturer of custom built tanks and other chemical plant in plastics materials.  These include freestanding tanks in polypropylene and HDPE up to 100,000 litres capacity & glassfibre reinforced plastics (GRP) incorporating polyester & vinylester resin laminates . The company has dedicated workshops which also include tanks and scrubbers in dual laminate composites with inner shells of polypropylene PVCu, PVDF and ECTFE.

Forbes can now offer the full range of materials of construction, with capacities up to 200,000 litres. There is no other company in the UK who can offer this range of materials & tank capacities.  This gives Forbes a major advantage being able to offer the most economical solution for your storage & processing needs.

Sales contact:  Martyn Hall  +44 (0) 1366 389615

Press contact: Melvyn Jupp  +44 (0) 1366 389640

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