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Helically Wound Thermoplastic Tanks

Forbes are proud to introduce the HVT range. These extra large, helix spirally wound thermoplastic tanks are manufactured using the latest thermoplastic extrusion techniques on state of the art ‘KRAH’ machinery. 

  • Free from welded seams giving a very strong and economical construction.
  • PE100 grade HDPE to produce a highly corrosion resistant tank
  • Can be thermally insulated during production at minimal cost.
  • The HVT range is also known as Jaguar, when manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31.
The sizes given are our most economical suggested dimensions for a given volume.

All of our tanks are built to order, and any of these dimensions can be modified to suit specific restrictions and requirements.

In addition to the below, we can now offer smaller diameters of 750mm, 900mm, 1050mm, 1500mm and 1800mm.

ModelCapacity (Litres)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)
HVT 5/2.05,00020001750268
HVT 7.5/2.07,50020002650268
HVT 10/2.010,00020003500268
HVT 12.5/2.012,50020004400268

ModelCapacity (Litres)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)
HVT 10/2.510,00025002250335
HVT 12.5/2.512,50025002800335
HVT 15/2.515,00025003400335
HVT 17.5/2.517,50025003950335
HVT 20/2.520,00025004500335
HVT 25/2.525,00025005600335

ModelCapacity (Litres)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)
HVT 16/3.016,00030002490405
HVT 18/3.018,00030002820405
HVT 20/3.020,00030003130405
HVT 25/3.025,00030003910405
HVT 30/3.030,00030004680405
HVT 35/3.035,00030005470405
HVT 40/3.040,00030006250405
HVT 45/3.045,00030007025405

ModelCapacity (Litres)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)
HVT 20/3.520,00035002310469
HVT 25/3.525,00035002880469
HVT 30/3.530,00035003450469
HVT 35/3.535,00035004020469
HVT 40/3.540,00035004600469
HVT 45/3.545,00035005170469
HVT 50/3.550,00035005740469
HVT 55/3.555,00035006310469
HVT 60/3.560,00035006880469

ModelCapacity (Litres)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Coned Top (mm)
HVT 30/4.030,00040002650536
HVT 35/4.035,00040003090536
HVT 40/4.040,00040003500536
HVT 45/4.045,00040003960536
HVT 50/4.050,00040004400536
HVT 55/4.055,00040004840536
HVT 60/4.060,00040005280536
HVT 70/4.070,00040006150536
HVT 80/4.080,00040007000536

Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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