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Thermoplastic Fabricated

Popular vertical thermoplastic (VT) storage tanks.

The VT Range is commonly used for applications such as chemical storage, water storage, industrial oil storage tanks and tank farms.

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • Lack of taint
  • Ease of transport and installation
  • Durability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Available as flat, sloping or conical bottomed
  • Capacities from 100 litres up to 100,000 litres
  • The VT range is also known as Cheetah, when manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31.
  • The VTS and VTC ranges both come with integral skirt and appropriate support. 
The sizes given are our most economical suggested dimensions for a given volume. All of our tanks are built to order, and any of these dimensions can be modified to suit specific restrictions and requirements.

ModelCapacity (Liters)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)
VTF 50225
572914Flat Top
VTF 1004507621067Flat Top
VTF 150675965990Flat Top
VTF 20090010901067146
VTF 250110011451220153
VTF 300135012201220163
VTF 350165012441372167
VTF 400180013461372180
VTF 450200014001372188
VTF 500225014981372200
VTF 600270015241524204
VTF 750335015241900204
VTF 800360015242060204
VTF 900400015242290204
VTF 1000450015242743204
VTF 1250560019002134255
VTF 1500675019004838255
VTF 1700760019004743255
VTF 2000900022402438300

ModelCapacity (Liters)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)Slope Height (mm)
VTS 50225715914Flat Top50
VTS 1004509151067Flat Top50
VTS 15067510151220Flat Top50
VTS 2009001175122015750
VTS 25011001219137216350
VTS 300135013301372178
VTS 35015501440137219375
VTS 40018001520137220475
VTS 45020001524152420475
VTS 50022501520167620475
VTS 60027001676167622575
VTS 750335017501829234100
VTS 800360018291829245100
VTS 900400017502134234100
VTS 1000450019002134255100
VTS 1250560021002134281150
VTS 1500675023002134308150

ModelCapacity (Liters)Inside Diameter (mm)Wall Height (mm)Cone Top (mm)Skirt Depth (mm)Conical Base Depth (mm)
VTC 50225
735914Flat Top32575
VTC 1004509141067Flat Top32575
VTC 15067510501220Flat Top32575
VTC 20090011251372150400150
VTC 250110012501372167400150
VTC 300135013721372184400150
VTC 350155014801372198400150
VTC 400180014801524198400150
VTC 450200014801676198400150
VTC 500225014801829198400150
VTC 600270016501829221480229
VTC 750335018501829248480229
VTC 800360018001981241480229
VTC 900400018292134245480229
VTC 1000450019502134261550300

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