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Stripping ammonia from process water cuts manufacturing costs

A UK based food processing plant, which generates a waste water stream contaminated with ammonia can now recycle the process water, rather than dumping it to waste, thanks to an installation from Forbes.

Forbes solved their problem through the design, manufacture and installation of two large stripping units, dealing with a combined throughput of 25m3/hr of waste process water. The installation reduces the ammonia by up to 75%, now enabling the water to be recycled.   This low cost solution has proved to give a large financial return by saving high volumes of water & reducing the costs of waste water disposal.

The stripping units are 2400mm diameter x 8500mm high & incorporate a packed bed, along with all required internals,  produced by Forbes’ sister company The Pall Ring Company.  The packed bed gives a high surface area within the tower allowing the air stripping process to operate with a relatively low pressure drop, thus saving energy by reducing the power demand of the fans.

This is one of many such systems supplied by Forbes both in the UK & the Middle East. Often the stripped ammonia, can be scrubbed with a solution of sulphuric acid producing a concentrated solution of ammonium sulphate, which is used as a fertiliser.

Sales Contact: Mr Des Dibley  +44 (0)1366 389650 / Mr Melvyn Jupp +44 (0)1366 389640

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