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Chemical Filling Stations

Secure point for the controlled delivery of hazardous chemicals.

Forbes tanker offloading Chemical Filler Stations provide a safe & secure point for the controlled delivery of hazardous chemicals into Forbes storage tanks & Minibulk® systems.

The modular and compact design allows either a single unit or multiple enclosures to be bolted together at one filling area. The cabinet doors are fully lockable by use of a padlock allowing the end user complete control over the tank filling process.

Thermoplastic parts are utilised wherever possible with the use of metal components minimised in order to maintain chemical resistance as far as possible.

Key Information

Stations allow for containment of any drips or minor spillage when uncoupling the tanker hose via the standard collection tray and removable container.

Additional Information

  • Suitable for either pressurised or pumped tanker discharge
  • All thermoplastic construction using Co-polymer Polypropylene or HDPE materials
  • Lockable full height door
  • Clear & concise chemical identification label & hazard labels mounted on cabinet door
  • Integral collection tray for any spillage from tanker hose
  • Drain point with removable chemical collection container with secure cap
  • Fill pipe isolation valve
  • Pipe drain leg with isolation valve
  • Can be easily washed down & cleaned if needed
  • Available with 50mm & 80mm connections, either flanged or Camlock tanker hose connection
  • Fill pipe and pipe drain leg isolation valves can be lockable if required for added security
  • Can be bolted to ground or to a back structure such as a wall or to a tank shell with suitable brackets
  • Delivery pipe to tank can be through the top, rear or side of the enclosure, to suit site requirements

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