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Thermoplastic tanks have very good chemical resistance, are durable and cost effective. Lightweight but strong, they are also easy to install and transport.


These self-supporting tanks come in a large range of sizes and capacities, with the option to choose between a flat bottom, sloping base or conical base.

Thermoplastic tanks are available in polypropylene or HDPE (high density polyethylene) materials.

Typical uses are chemical storage, water storage, and food product storage, among other applications. Thermoplastic tanks are free of odour, taint or toxicity.

For advice on selecting the right tank for your requirements please get in touch.

Flat Bottomed Tanks

Suitable for a wide range of applications. Flat bottomed thermoplastic tanks are extremely versatile. Click through to VT or HVT.

Chemical storage

Potable water storage (knowns as Cheetah (PP) or Jaguar (HDPE) when manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31)

Sheet built tanks

Helically wound

Conical based (VTC) and sloping based (VTS) thermoplastic tanks come with the added advantage of maximum drainage. Integral skirt included.

Chemical storage

Potable water storage (knowns as Cheetah (PP) or Jaguar (HDPE) When manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31

Choose between VTC which offers complete drainage or VTS which offers almost complete drainage.

From our UK-based factories we fabricate tanks using various materials and manufacturing processes.

From traditional sheet built storage tanks to cutting-edge helically wound tanks, we can ensure the perfect fit whatever our customers’ requirements. 

We have for many years supplied the water industry with a wide range of high specification products. Our range of thermoplastic tanks are also known as Cheetah and Jaguar when manufactured under DWI: Regulation 31. 

Forbes is able to offer a full range of on-site services to suit all budgets. From the simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment to a full project managed turnkey services.

Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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