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Wet Scrubbers

Wetted packed towers are the simplest and most commonly used approaches to gas scrubbing.

Wet scrubbers remove contaminants from a gas stream by passing the stream through a packed structure.

The contaminant is absorbed into or reacted with the scrubbing liquor.

The tower is designed to maximise contact area to encourage mass transfer, achieved by the use of a random packed bed. 

They can be designed for very high efficiencies with relatively low capital and running costs.

Venturi scrubbing is a most effective technique for the removal of particulates from a gas stream, even down to sub-micron size. 

  • Dust Control
  • Removal of Fine Particulates
  • Mist / Aerosol

Wetted packed towers are the simplest and most commonly used approaches to gas scrubbing.

In a fluidised bed scrubber the typical single bed of a packed tower structure is replaced by two or more shallow beds, which expand during surges of flow.

  • Dust Control
  • Control of Chemical Fumes during tanker delivery

Our extensive ‘in-house’ capabilities include mechanical engineering design along with chemical process design. Our customers can be confident that Forbes’ wet scrubbers surpass all safety and environmental recommendations.

From our UK-based factories we also fabricate thermoplastic storage tanks, along with pipework, monitoring gauges, filler stations and everything else required for the safe bulk storage of hazardous and fuming chemicals.

Forbes is able to offer a full range of on-site services to suit all budgets. From the simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment to a full project managed turnkey services.

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