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Leading With Technology, Backed By Experience.​

Comprehensive tank tests and detailed reports for your most crucial assets.

With some GRP tanks having design lives of 20+ years there may be an understandable tendency to ‘fit and forget’.

Better tank management, from the outset, should lead to an even longer tank life, increased site safety, reduced downtime and ultimately will save money.

In addition, having an inspection plan in place, committing to a regular schedule of tank inspections and maintenance as well as keeping appropriate records will keep your company well aligned with the expectations of the HSE.

The HSE produces two ‘advice to user’ guides PM75 for GRP and PM86 for thermoplastic tanks. These offer recommendations on the timing and extent of inspections, inspection techniques and guidance on repairs.

3 Steps To Protect Your Tank

  • Choose Quality: Pick a quality tank from a trusted tank manufacturer.
  • Plan Testing: Don’t fit and forget – put an inspection schedule and maintenance plan in place.
  • Inspection: Get advice on the tank’s condition and recommend remedial action if required.

Leading with technology,
backed by experience.

Comprehensive tank tests and detailed
reports for your most crucial assets.

UltraAnalytix™ An Overview

Tank Inspections Ltd is the UK licensee for UltraAnalytix™, a patented non-destructive and non-intrusive method for inspecting industrial equipment made of GRP and other composite materials. It is a completely safe and nondestructive inspection method.

The UltraAnalytix™ system combines ultrasonic data collected in the field, external visual inspection and analysis using a proprietary algorithm.

Data can be collected from an external surface often while tanks or piping are in operation, thereby limiting the need for confined space entry. High frequency sound waves, which have been directed at the tank, are reflected back through the laminate to produce a set of distinctive echo patterns.

The readings are then analysed by the sophisticated algorithms of the UltraAnalytix™ system to produce a detailed assessment of the GRP laminate properties throughout the wall of the tank, including the condition of the corrosion barrier. The inspection can also identify any leakage into the laminate through a thermoplastic inner shell.

There is never a need to cut test samples out of the asset, allowing the structural integrity to remain intact and reducing the need for confined space entry.

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