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Degassing Towers

Economical and trouble-free reduction of dissolved CO².

Range of CO² degassing systems designed to reduce dissolved CO² economically with proven technology.

Forbes process design is accomplished with the company’s own dedicated suite of software backed by substantial resources of knowledge and experience.

A design life of 20 years is achieved by the use of high quality plastics throughout the construction. Provided that water and air supplies are free from solid impurities, Forbes’ degassing systems normally require no maintenance other than regular external inspection. Where practical, fans are sited at low level for ease of inspection and access to filters, if fitted.

Years of trouble free performance in the field have proven the essential reliability of Forbes Degassers.

The CO² Degassing Process

Forbes degasser towers operate on the principal of passing the water to be treated over a large surface area whilst blowing air against the flow. The resultant mass transfer of gas at the interface of the water and air removes the acid forming carbon dioxide.

Key Information

Forbes standard FD range  of degassing towers cover flow rates from 4 m³/hour to 200 m³/hour. The units are designed to reduce the carbon dioxide content from 200ppm.


Non-standard degassing tower designs are also available for water flows up to 1000 M3/hour and are ideal for heavy CO² loads. 

To enable us to evaluate your bespoke design requirements and prepare a quotation, we will need the following information:

  • Maximum & minimum water flow rate in m³/hour
  • Maximum expected CO2 content (if more than 200 ppm)
  • Anticipated water supply temperature

Our extensive ‘in-house’ capabilities include mechanical engineering design along with chemical process design. Our customers can be confident that Forbes’ degassing towers surpass all safety and environmental recommendations.

From our UK-based factories we also fabricate thermoplastic storage tanks, along with pipework, monitoring gauges, filler stations and everything else required for economical removal of dissolved CO².

Forbes is able to offer a full range of on-site services to suit all budgets. From the simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment to a full project managed turnkey services.

Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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