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Bunded Storage Tanks

Providing the safe storage of hazardous liquids and chemicals to the very highest levels of environmental protection

External Bund
Any size
from 1,500 to 30,000 litres
Suitable for all industries
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Bunded chemical storage tanks have a secondary containment tank, also known as a bund.

For advice on selecting the right tank for your requirements please contact us.

The ‘Minibulk’ and ‘Minibulk Plus’ tanks come complete with a 110% integral bund. 

They are suitable for both low and high pressure deliveries and are available with a full range of optional equipment.

Hazardous Liquids & Chemicals Coagulants

Level Measurement & Control
  • Ultrasonic level detection
  • Pneumatic level gauge
  • Level switches
  • Bund alarm systems – Detecting liquid in the bund
Heating & Insulation

Where contents, such as Sodium Hydroxide, need to be protected from freezing we can offer the following:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Immersions heaters
  • Trace heating
Weather Shroud

Spanning the gap between the tank and bund walls to prevent the ingress of rainwater, if the system is being used outdoors.

Can be supplied with access hatches for pipework and valves.

Innatank® is the ground-breaking integrally bunded storage tank. 

The integral bund allows for total containment ‘over the top’ discharge meaning no low level fittings in the tank wall or requirement for a civil bund.

Hazardous Liquids & Chemicals Coagulants

  • ‘Over the top’ discharge system with or without dual containment pipework
  • Lockable if required
  • Supplied with pump system for priming only or to feed your process
  • Air priming discharge system complete with small air pump
  • Suction dip pip to allow for sludge removal
  • Available with or without dual containment pipework
  • Lockable if required
  • Fail safe ‘overfill protection’ system not requiring an overflow
  • To be filled from tanker by pad air or pumped delivery
  • Continuous Bund Monitoring Alarm System
  • Local alarm
  • Remote alarm (via phone if required)
Contents Gauging
  • Pneumatic – with or without auto pump
  • Float & follower (Cat & Mouse)
  • Ultrasonic/Radar

  • Access to roof of tank – Ladder and handrail assembly
  • Vent duct and scrubber for fuming liquids
  • Immersion heating

Working closely with major chemical suppliers ensures our customers can be confident that Forbes’ bunded storage tanks surpass all safety and environmental recommendations.

From our UK-based factories we also fabricate and supply fume scrubbers, along with pipework, monitoring gauges, filler stations and everything else required for the safe bulk storage of hazardous chemicals.

Whether simple offloading and positioning of tanks and equipment or a full project managed turnkey services. Forbes is able to offer a full range of on-site services to suit all budgets.

Speak to our sales team to find out more.

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