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Two-Stage Scrubber System Commissioned in Spain

Forbes have seen the successful installation and commissioning of a scrubber system supplied to a technology development company in Spain this month.

The system, which was designed in full by our process & engineering team, consists of a spray tower and packed bed scrubber in series, which is designed to remove acidic gases and volatile liquids from a process gas stream. The spray tower acts as both a primary scrubber and to remove compounds which produce salts and glue-like products when cooled, and the packed scrubber then removes the majority of the remaining acidic gases. This system was provided as a complete skid mounted unit with recirculation pumps, pipework, valves and instrumentation.

After successful installation and commissioning by our customer, the project manager has passed on their feedback to Forbes, writing to say: “We would like to thank you all for your support and good work; kindly send our congratulations to everyone at the Forbes office and workshop. We’re already in the design phase of the second phase of the project, and we’re hoping that everything goes as smoothly as it has so far.”

Following completion of this project we have also been awarded a second very similar project for the same customer, due for completion by the end of the year.


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