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PVT Range

Standard sized, GRP composite flat based tanks.

They have been specifically designed for the most economical use of materials via semi-automated manufacturing techniques to ensure low cost, competitive products.

  • Available from 5,000 – 160,000 litres capacity
  • Available diameters: 2000mm, 2400mm, 3050mm, 3500mm & 4111mm internal
  • Very strong yet light in weight
  • Available with sloping base.
The sizes given are our most economical suggested dimensions for a given volume. All of our tanks are built to order, and any of these dimensions can be modified to suit specific restrictions and requirements.

Model NameCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Height (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
PVT 5/2500020002180250
PVT 7.5/2750020002980300
PVT 10/210,00020003775350
PVT 12.5/212,50020004570420
PVT 15/215,00020005365480
PVT 20/220,00020006960600

Model NameCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Height (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
PVT 10/2.410,00024003000330
PVT 15/2.415,00024004100400
PVT 20/2.420,00024005200570
PVT 25/2.425,00024006300680
PVT 30/2.430,00024007400800

Model NameCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Height (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
PVT 20/320,00030503540620
PVT 30/330,00030504910820
PVT 40/340,000305062801000
PVT 50/350,000305076501200
PVT 60/360,000305090201400

Model NameCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Height (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
PVT 30/3.530,00035004000850
PVT 40/3.540,000350050401050
PVT 50/3.550,000350060801200
PVT 60/3.560,000350071201400
PVT 70/3.570,000350081601600
PVT 80/3.580,000350092001800
PVT 90/3.590,000350010,2402000
PVT 100/3.5100,000350011,2802250

Model NameCapacity (Litres)Diameter (mm)Nominal Wall Height (mm) Approximate Weight (kg)
PVT 50/450,000411147701400
PVT 60/460,000411155301600
PVT 70/470,000411162901800
PVT 80/480,000411170502000
PVT 90/490,000411178102150
PVT 100/4100,000411185702350
PVT 110/4110,000411193302600
PVT 120/4120,000411110,0902900
PVT 130/4130,000411110,8503100
PVT 140/4140,000411111,6103350
PVT 150/4150,000411112,3703650
PVT 160/4160,000411113,1303950

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